Why people love it
  • Creates perfect hourglass figure
  • Thick material slims down every bulge
  • Functional and sexy!

Perfect for wearing with beautiful dresses, comfortable, good slimming shape, solid material, no visible lines, no pressure or tightening on your legs or arms, secure hold, slim shoulder straps, and built-in bra.

Sizes run a bit small and it may be uncomfortable after all-day wear.


Style: This shapewear slip is designed for use beneath most dresses. Not only does it hug your form and provide that hourglass figure you want, but the slim shoulder straps can be removed to make the slip compatible with a strapless dress. For those who want to add a bit more definition to their bust, the built-in bra will lift and push everything together to enhance cleavage. The thick material slims down bulges and holds everything in place with no visible lines. 

Material: Made from 81% nylon and 19% lycra elastane, this slip has just enough elasticity to be comfortable without reducing compression. However, a number of users have complained that the snug fit can be too tight after long hours of wear.

Perfect For: Wearing with a wedding gown, cocktail dress, or party dresses. Whether you go with a strapped or strapless design, the slip can adapt.

Price: Starting at $24, this is a bit on the pricier side, but definitely worth it if you need a versatile, form-fitting, full-length slip.

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