If you ever plan to entertain, you will need ice. You need it for barbecues, you need it for sundowners. You also need it when you get back from a run. 

  • Makes up to 27 lbs. of ice 24 hours. Makes ice in as little as 7 minutes.
  • Choice of 3 ice cube sizes

Don't think of it as a luxury; ice is a necessity. Plus this machine is portable, which means you can move it from the kitchen to your outdoor drinks table when you need it. (In other words, you have to get this now!) Considering that you can move it around and it fits on a countertop, this is one impressive machine.  It makes 27 pounds of ice in 24 hours.

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  • Better yet, you're going to save some serious money and effort with this product. A bag of ice retails for around $4.00. Depending upon how much you use, this ice maker can pay back within a year.
  • We have had this machine for 2 years. It sits outside on our patio in Arizona. It hits 115 degrees in the summer. It has been cleaned one a month and has NEVER stopped or had any kind of problems. We just keep filling it with water and it keeps making ice 24/7/365.
  • we had our first MAGIC CHEF unit at the family lake compound and it is in its 11th year now its slowing down on the rate of ice production--but it is not dead yet. this unit has saved us thousands of dollars over the years. we got a KOOLFRONT compact unit. used it one day and returned it. had to pay 23 dollars shipping to return. BEWARE of return policies. we are now looking to buy another MAGIC CHEF OR EMERSON. they are hands down the best out there for the money.

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