Why people love it
  • Bold coffee that means business
  • A flavor that wins over converts instantly
  • No awful after taste

The obvious benefits are the strong, bold coffee taste without a bitter aftertaste. Well, that and the great price per cup.

This isn’t a Keurig-branded product and it just doesn’t work in everyone’s machines.


If you like to drink a lot of dark roast coffee, you’ll need to put this on your agenda. It’s super reasonably priced – mainly because Mad Monkey Coffee Capsules aren’t a Keurig product. They’re RealCup products and that’s something you need to keep in mind. These babies should work in second generation Keurig machines, but not everyone has had the best of luck with that. And, you can only pick up this flavor through Amazon. That makes it a tough buy; but when it works, it works.

Mad Monkey’s Swingin’ Bold delivers on its promise for a dark and smoky flavor. It’s an intense mix of superbly roasted beans that you’ll crave cup after cup. Given that there’s none of that nasty aftertaste business (and the price), this is something you want to have on hand at  the office (though you may need to lock up a private stash as it will be “borrowed” more often than you can handle).

  • Flavor: The taste is strong and most people love that it tastes just as coffee should. If bold is your thing, you’ll love it.
  • Body: With a deep, dark roast, anyone that enjoys a full-bodied cup will appreciate this brew.
  • Aroma: It doesn’t smell bad, but it doesn’t exactly have the intensity some coffee drinkers demand.
  • Price: Holy cow, these babies sell for 40 cents a pop? Score!

Bottom Line: Keep in mind you’re taking a chance when you order these for your Keurig as they’re just not compatible with all of them. If they’ll work in your machine, you’ve just found your new favorite subscription coffee. (If not, sorry.) The flavor is enough to win hearts even without it being as dark or rich as you might expect. Absolutely worth the try.

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