Macy's Gift Card

Best Graduation Gift for Filling out Their Interview and Job Wardrobe

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Why people love it


  • Can be used for interview clothes, new work wardrobe, anything really 
  • Macy’s is everywhere so it’s a convenient clothier option 
  • Best graduation gift in general 


We're not sure how well your graduate will respond to you buying them a new suit or other professional attire, especially since workplace and interview clothing trends are changing. So, rather than go the route of the grandma buying a reindeer sweater at Christmas, just give them a Macy’s gift card so they can buy clothes that are appropriate for the job they want.

They may use it to buy a new bathing suit instead.


Happiness Factor: For anyone who’s ever seen the price tag of really nice professional wear, they’ll appreciate the freedom to buy what they want without having to stress over the high cost behind it. 

Practical Applications: If you want to set your grad up for success, give them the tools (i.e. money) to dress for it. 

Price: It’s up to you how much you want to spend on this gift. Maybe research a few clothing options so you can get a sense for how much you realistically think they should spend. Or just throw $1,000 at them and let them go crazy.

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