Why people love it
  • Best earplugs in terms of blocking noise and keeping water out
  • Really easy (and kinda fun) to use
  • Comfortable to use whenever and wherever

All in all, these Mack's earplugs are the best plugins you can get--and not just for a low cost either. They're crazy effective in terms of sound reduction and they're much more comfortable than similarly priced foam earplugs.

Some customers found that these earplugs did not reduce noise enough for them while others found them overly effective, as they had a difficult time removing the silicone from over their ear.


Ease of Use: While this may sound strange to say about at set of earplugs, these are an absolute joy to use. Don't be surprised when the package first arrives, the box appears to be full of a bunch of sticky orbs. Basically, you do not insert these “plugs” into your ears. Instead, you treat them like a plaster or putty. Place the orb over the entrance to the ear. Then spread the silicone outwards so that it creates a soundproof seal. As soon as that seal is in place, you’re going to notice a (scarily) significant difference.

To remove them, just follow the instructions on the box. Push on the box of your ear to break the airtight seal and you’ll then be able to pull the silicone plug away. Super easy.

Comfort: Of the earplugs included on our list, we find these to be the most comfortable for both day and night. They aren't necessarily soft, but you shouldn't feel them rub against the pillow or be aware of their presence at all. In fact, you may actually enjoy the feeling of having them in.

Effectiveness: In terms of reducing noise significantly, these work really well if you create the right seal. You can also use these for swimming. While Mack’s does make a flanged earplug specifically for swimming, we would suggest you use these if you already have them on hand. As Headphones Compared explained, “the Mack’s Pillow Soft range is recommended by doctors to seal out water, helping to prevent swimmer’s ear.”

Price: You can use these earplugs multiple times (probably three or four good uses out of each pair). With six pairs to a box and four boxes in the set, this is a really great deal on earplugs that will prove effective for any occasion or activity.

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