Most Comfortable Men's Underwear

Mack Weldon Men's Trunk Underwear
  • Mesh cooling panels
  • Super soft waistband
  • "The best underwear that I have ever worn"

These pre-shrunk undies are designed to fit straight out of the box - and they're moisture-wicking too. They're also consistently named as one of the best men's underwear, most recently by GQ, Timeless Gent, and Undies Geek.

This product runs slightly small.


This isn't just underwear; it's a sartorial marvel. Mack Weldon's trunks took over 10,000 hours to design. And that's not all. They lay out the fabric for 18 hours before cutting into it. That means it will fit - and shrinking and breathing all happens naturally.  Plus it's naturally moisture wicking and adept at controlling odors. The end result? The most comfortable pair of underwear you have ever worn. Ever. You want this pair of underpants, and you want it now.

What Reviewers Say: 

Guys tend to speak about the comfort of these underpants more than anything else:

  • "The quality and design of this underwear is second to none. Calvins, 2xist, and other brands don't come close. They got all the elements that make comfortable underwear right: soft cotton, legs that don't ride up, enough length on the flyer, breathable in the right spots. The design is discreet, no brands on the strap."
  • "I have never owned expensive underwear, but these are worth it. The material is very comfortable and they just seem to fit right. The length is perfect and they don' seem to ride up like others. Thy fly makes it a great design and makes getting in and out much effortless. I plan to slowly transition to this brand. My next pair will be the brief version to get an idea how those feel."
  • "I love these! They're a great pair of trunks - sorta between boxer briefs and briefs, which is the style I like."

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