MACK for MEN ShapeShifter Pomade

Best Hold with a Natural Feel

Why people love it
  • Awesome hold with a natural feel
  • Smells absolutely delightful
  • Natural light shine

  • Highly effective hold, even for longer hair
  • Great for complex, elevated hairstyles
  • Contains all natural and certified organic ingredients

Leaves your hair a little stiff


This pomade for men is an absolute winner in our books! Not only does it smell absolutely divine—a manly scent with just enough freshness to make it appealing to men and women alike—but it does a great job of keeping your hair nicely styled.

The cost of this bad boy is fairly reasonable—one of the best-priced Faves on our list, in fact. The fact that it’s so thick means you only have to use a little bit to get that epic hold you want.

The pomade is suitable for most hair types (thin to thick), and it works great to keep longer hair styled. If you want an elevated hairstyle (updo, tightly-controlled man bun, spiked tips, or even a Mohawk), the pomade gives you the hold you want.

Yet it doesn’t leave your hair looking greasy or shiny like normal gels. Instead, you get a natural look with just enough of a light shine to make people sit up and take notice of this well-groomed man.

Notable ingredients: The pomade is fully paraben-free and contains all natural and organic ingredients rich in hair-nourishing antioxidants, including mallow flower, burdock root, goji berry, red wine extract, and lemon peel. There’s even castor oil to improve your hair and scalp health, while the plant-derived humectants give you the flexible hold you want.

Hold and control: This offers excellent control for your hair and reliable hold even for longer hair or fancier, elevated hairstyles.

Shine level: You get a natural glossy finish with just enough shine to call attention to your hairstyle.

Texture and fragrance: The texture is thicker than you might expect—you’ll really have to dig your fingers into the container to get the pomade out. Once you apply it, you’ll find it has a finished texture just a tad stiffer than you’d expect.

The fragrance is the real selling point. It’s a fresh, manly smell, one that matches perfectly with a masculine body spray or deodorant. The fragrance lasts all day long and you’ll find it highly appealing to both sexes.  

Application: Once it dries, don’t expect to get much reshaping out of this pomade unless you use a bit of water. It works best when your hair is just a tad damp, especially if you want extra shine.

Flakes and washability: You won’t have to worry about flakes and the wax washes out fairly easy in the shower.

Sizes and pricing: At 2 ounces (57 grams), the tub’s slightly on the smaller size, but it’s well worth it for the high quality product—and the nicely affordable price tag of $17.

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