MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter

Best Travel Highlighter

Why people love it
  • Stays put throughout the day requiring no touch ups
  • Works wonders for darkness under eyes
  • Perfect for on-the-go

The click pen sometimes causes you to release more product than necessary. 


Color: This is a lightweight, long-wearing highlighter that comes in nine shades so you can wear this no matter what your skin color may be. Shades include Radiant Rose, Peach Lustre, and Bright Forecast. The best news is, each shade features a barely-there, natural looking shimmer. 

Application: We have mixed feelings about MAC's choice of packaging, mostly because it comes in a click pen-style with a brush tip. It's often easy to click too many times causing extra product to come out. Despite our feelings about the 0.12 ounce pen, it does make applying easy. The brush tips makes it easy to apply highlight just where you want it. You can use this highlighter over makeup for highlights, touch-ups, or under makeup to brighten and prime. This stuff is also great for brightening dark circles under your eyes. 

Price: We're not complaining about the $27 price, especially since highlighters are typically more expensive. 

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