Luxury Class ULTIMATE BB-600 Bidet Seat

Best Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat

Why people love it
  • Heated seat, heated water, heated everything--perfect for cold nights
  • Quick installation; easily plugged into regular outlet
  • Compatible with many toilet bowl types

Incredibly comfortable seat, function buttons easy for anyone to reach and use, selection lights make adjustments easy - even in the dark, fully customizable wash, and built-in water heater and reservoir.

Size of the seat is much smaller than that of an average toilet seat, thanks to rounded front and extra-large water tank.


Features: This bad boy comes with all the features you could want in a smart toilet seat: function buttons to control wash and dry, built-in water tank to ensure that you get a steady stream of warm water, adjustable nozzle that's easy to position at just the right angle, multiple wash modes, kid-friendly operation and wash, and, of course, the seat warming function that keeps you toasty warm even in the winter.

Dual-action nozzles infuse the steam of water with air bubbles, making the wash feel gentler on your sensitive "downstairs happy fun time parts". The control built into the right side of the toilet seat allows you to adjust the water temperature, pressure, and direction, and the lights will help you see what you're doing even in the dark. 

Design: This toilet seat is designed to be installed on elongated and round front toilet seats, making it a highly compatible option. You'll have no problem installing it on up to 90% of toilet bowls. With its streamlined design, it's a great choice for those who want a modern-looking bathroom. The soft-closing design of the seat will reduce wear and tear, preventing your toilet seat from being damaged with regular use (especially if you have kids in the house).

There is one design flaw: the water tank is a bit large, and the rounded front is a bit short. This means that larger toilet users will be a bit uncomfortable while using the bathroom.

Price: At $400, this is one of the best-priced toilet seats on our list. It delivers comfort and luxury at a much lower cost than the higher-end smart toilet seats, making it a great choice for anyone - no matter your budget!

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