Luxe Bidet Neo 120

Best Bidet Attachment

Why people love it
  • An attachment to turn any toilet into a bidet!
  • Easy to install, control, and operate
  • Excellent cleaning functions, very hygienic

Compact, easy to install, compatible with most two-piece toilets, adjustable fitting, hygienic nozzle storage, designed to keep the spraying nozzle as clean as possible, quality construction, 18-month warranty, and easy to operate.

May break faster in houses with high water pressure; requires a high-quality T-adapter to avoid pressure regulation issues.


Features: This little attachment will turn any toilet into a bidet in 10-15 minutes! The attachment comes with two dials: one to switch between five water pressure settings (ranging from low to high, with a shut-off option), and the other to adjust the washing nozzle. You can easily set the direction of the spray by turning the dial until you’re hitting just the right spots.

The attachment has a self-cleaning feature that will retract the nozzle beneath the gate guard when not in use, ensuring that it stays as clean and sanitary as possible. The movable nozzle guard offers extra protection from splashback and germs, as well as better maintenance.

Design: The attachment comes with everything you need to secure it to the toilet of your choice, and the fact that it has no seat means it’s compatible with just about every two-piece toilet (some one-piece toilets as well).

The attachment looks sleek and stylish: a smooth white plastic exterior with chrome-plated knobs. Most of the parts are high quality, except for the T-adapter that connects it to your water source. The cheap plastic used for this part is kind of weak and prone to wearing out quickly if water pressure is high, forcing you to replace it within a month or two.

However, the design and build of the rest of the attachment—from the mechanical components to the parts used to securely install it—are up to par and guaranteed to last, which is why the bidet comes with an 18-month warranty.

Price: $37 is all it takes to turn your toilet into a bidet! You’ll have to purchase the toilet seat separately, but with this cheap attachment, you can make any toilet in your house a bidet in 10-15 minutes.

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