Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder

Best Automatic Pet Feeder to Make Mealtimes Fun

Why people love it
  • Wonderfully reliable
  • Accurate feeds and timing
  • Definitely helps with over-eating

Everything the food touches is removable and easily washable. In addition to the cute design, there’s a mischief guard. (How fun is that?)

Wow on the battery suck. Some users report using a set of batteries every six weeks.


Let’s face it, the color (there are 3 to choose between) and the design is going to make you happy. (And the food supply will make your pets happy.) There’s an LCD timer that allows you to set the meal times (up to 3 a day), though you will need to reset everything when the batteries go – which they might do quickly.

We’re super big fans of the included mischief guard accessory that stops paws from getting to all that food! It’s not exactly cheap, but we rather enjoy it.

For Fido or Fluffy? You can use it for both cats and dogs, but the portion sizes suggest it’s not good for larger dogs.

Kibble or tartar? It’s dry food only. The drop system just wouldn’t allow wet food to remain safe for long. Kibble should be longer than 0.6” as it could get caught in the feeder and stop its operation.

Capacity? It can store up to 2.2 pounds of food. That’s not huge, but we’re going to try to justify it by looking at the design again.

And that’s how many meals? You can schedule up to 3 meals a day. And, meals can be set in increments as little as 1/16 of a cup to 1 full cup. Not bad, right?

What sort of power is needed? You’ll need 4 D batteries and you’ll need a lot of them. They go quickly.

Is the cleaning easy? You betcha. Everything that’s removable can be washed. And everything that touches the food can be removed.

Will it break the bank? Okay, it’s not the cheapest. The MSRP is about $130, but you’ll pay something closer to $100. It’s not cheap, but it’s wonderfully reliable.

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