Lush Bath Sex Bomb

Best Gift for the Girlfriend Who Loves Relaxing Baths

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Why people love it
  • Softens skin
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Creates a subtle shimmer

Very few women have anything bad to say about this bath bomb, although a handful of ladies complain that it leaves behind pink residue on the tub. Most reviewers say their tubs are just fine, and some of us at Faveable have personally used these bath bombs with no issues.  


Details: Like Starbucks lattes and Ugg boots, Lush bath bombs are popular with nearly every female we’ve ever met. After all, who can resist a small sphere that transforms a plain bath into a fizzy, colorful vessel of relaxation?

We adore the enticing combination of ylang ylang, jasmine, and sage in this bath bomb. It’s feminine yet edgy, with subtle woodsy undertones that won’t leave her smelling manly.

FYI: Be super careful if you buy Lush products from unofficial distributors. We saw some Lush bath bombs on Amazon, but angry reviewers warned that they were fake.

Price: This bath bomb is just $7.95, so it’s a great gift if you’re a broke college student. If you don’t want to seem cheap, pair the bath bomb with some Lush lotion or perfume.

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