Lumenier QAV250 Drone with Camera

Most Durable Quadcopter Camera Drone

Why people love it
  • Most durable, long-lasting drone around
  • Easy to assemble
  • Agile and fast

Lumenier products and replacement parts are very pricey



If you're looking for durability, it doesn't get better than the Lumenier QAV250! One user reported that his unit survived a fall from 500 feet, making this the toughest sonofabitch around. If parts of the copter are damaged in a fall, they can be easily replaced. It's a very user-friendly DIY-style model that can have all the "bells and whistles" added as desired.  Once you buy the machine's frame, you can upgrade the motors, propellers, landing strips, and photography equipment as desired. Lumenier offers a wide range of lenses First-Person View monitors, allowing you to remote-control your copter and capture decent-quality images.


The flight time depends on the battery installed--anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. The little unit is made of carbon fiber, making it a highly durable device that is surprisingly lightweight and easy to maneuver. It slices through the air at an incredible speed, and handles easily once you master the controls.


The basic Lumenier frame is just that: a frame with nothing else attached. However, it's a DIY machine, so you order and (easily) install the additional parts as desired. You can purchase both a FPV monitor and an HD camera for taking videos and photos, or keep it light and sleek for racing.


The frame alone will run you between $115 and $130, and you will end up spending another $50 to $150 for additional parts. Still, it's a great way to build your own customized machine, and it comes out to far less than you'd spend on many other models.

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