LuMee Illuminated Cell Phone Case in Rose Gold

Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Girl that Loves Selfies

Why people love it
  • Great case and design
  • Light works perfectly
  • Long-lasting battery

This iPhone 6 case has a battery that works independently of the phone. It’s made of strong plastic to protect your phone.

It’s not easy to slip on and off of your phone.


If she’s always taking selfies, this is the gift she needs this Christmas; it provides perfect, soft lighting that makes everyone look their best – without having to tamper with filters. The laminated strip has a rechargeable battery and comes with a charging cord, though the battery lasts a lot longer than the phone’s will. Plus, it’s actually a protective case and not just a good-looking add-on.

There are different color options available, so your teen gal isn’t limited to the (seriously popular at the moment) rose gold tone. And, don’t worry if she doesn’t have an iPhone 6, there are options for plenty of different phones. Of course, you could always consider pairing it with this selfie stick; sometimes it’s just what she needs (well, at least what she wants).

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