Lululemon Pace Breaker Short

Best Mens Yoga Short for Hot Yoga

Why people love it
  • So lightweight you'll forget you are wearing them
  • Comfortable and provide good support
  • Hot Yoga? No problem!

The Pace Breaker Short by Lululemon was designed to be versatile enough to wear to yoga, during yoga, and anywhere afterward. The shorts are engineered to dry quickly and stay lightweight even when soaked in sweat.

Some reviewers report that the liner in the short began to fray and tear. However, these problems seem to be few and far between, and Lululemon has created a new Pace Breaker short without a liner.


The Lululemon Pace Breaker short was designed for men who are trainers, runners, or yogis. But, we found the Pace Breaker perfect for the men who like to get extra sweaty. These shorts are for the guys who are brave enough to take on yoga at 110 degrees. 

Material: These shorts are made with something called Swift Ultra fabric. This lightweight fabric is created using LYCRA, stretch fibre and features sweat wicking technology. The sweat wicking fabric is what makes these shorts perfect for hot yoga - they remain lightweight even when soacked in sweat. Plus, they dry quickly. 

Fit, length, and features: The Pace Breaker short has a length that stops just above the knee. This means they're long enough to provide you full coverage but short enough to stay out of your way during warrior pose. Unlike some yoga shorts designed to be worn solely in the studio, the Pace Breaker short is not only perfect for practicing, but is also designed to get you to and from class, including any stops you may need to make along the way. And, for the men who complained about getting lost in a sea of color conformity, there are now seven colors, including: teal, split pea, and jungle floor boom juice. As an added bonus, the hidden zippered pocket allows you to easily store your keys or credit card. Plus, it's big enough to fit your iPhone. 

Quality: These shorts have received some pretty harsh reviews in the past, specifically about the quality of the liner and the snooze-worthy color options. However, Lululemon has listened to what reviewers have to say and surprisingly made changes accordingly. These shorts have been through some crazy redesigns and now they are better than ever - we promise. The Pace Breaker short now comes with the option of no liner, so you won't have to worry about it fraying or tearing. Side note: the key to making any great pair of shorts last a lifetime is to forgo the dryer and let them air dry instead!

Price: At $68, the price is certainly steep. But, the quality and brand back it up completely. Lululemon is known in the yogi community as being the best of the best. And, they have great customer service. This means that if for any reason you're unhappy with your shorts, the folks over at Lulu will make it right. So give them a try, they won't disappoint. 

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