Lululemon Intent Men's Yoga Pant

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Why people love it
  • Extremely comfortable, "cottony soft" fit
  • Looks great with sneakers
  • Deep side pockets make it easy to carry and store essentials

Could use more colors beyond black and charcoal, and expect to pay Lululemon's high prices.


Quality: The Intent Pant is created using Lululemon's patent Luon fabric with LYCRA fibre. The four-way stretch fabric is sweat-wicking and offers just the right amount of stretch for those challenging poses. Finally, the added LYCRA in the pant provides for great shape retention and long-lasting comfort. As a bonus, the drawstrings are capped with metal that helps prevent any fraying.

Unlike some Lululemon pants designed to be worn solely during yoga class, the Intent Pant is also designed to get you to and from class, including any errands you may need to make along the way. 

Style: Lululemon isn't just for the ladies. The Intent Pant is one of the most stylish men's yoga pants we've seen so far. And, you can be sure that ladies will love the way you look in them. These pants are ankle length, so long enough to keep you covered and warm. The track pant design keeps you feeling comfortable yet stylish, the waistband sits directly on the hips, and the snug fit allows for a distraction-free practice. But, not to worry, these pants are still stretchy enough for a full range of motion.

Additionally, the pockets allow you to easily store your keys or smartphone and an internal gusset will provide support for your manhood during those bending poses. These pants come in two manly colors: black and charcoal. 

Price: At $108, the Intent Pant is the priciest pant on our list; however, they are average compared to other designer yoga pants and will hold up for years to come. These pants are well worth the investment.

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