Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

Best Waterproof Hiking Boots

Why people love it
  • Great mid-weight pair of hiking boots with above-par waterproofing
  • Comfortable, stable, and supportive—great for heavier hikers
  • Durable leather upper and rubber sole makes for a long-lasting boot

Not too heavy, excellent durability, superior waterproofing, comfortable, good support and stability, outsole provides maximum traction, and long-lasting.

The lacing system leaves a lot to be desired.


Performance: These are the boots for those who want something a bit sturdier without adding too much weight to their hiking gear. They're a mid-weight choice, offering stability, comfort, and support without overdoing it on the extra pounds. At 4 pounds, they'll be the right choice if you're looking for something that will allow you to hike for hours in comfort.

These boots offer a wide toe box that's perfect for those with broader feet, yet excellent arch support and cushioning for your heels. They're an incredibly comfortable pair of boots, perfect for long-distance weekend hikes. With the comfortable ankle collar and support built into the sides of the uppers, you've got a pair of boots that will keep up with you for hours of hiking.

Features: The boot is designed to be snug, though the lacing system isn't as effective for a tight fit. The nubuck leather upper can handle A LOT of wear and tear, plus there's a Gore-Tex lining to enhance waterproofing. Instead of a synthetic outsole, these boots use Vibram rubber. This gives it greater flexibility and durability than synthetic materials.


The 5" shaft gives you good ankle support and stability, reducing the risk of injuries. The heel comes with a 1.75" cushion built in, and a 1"-thick platform for your feet. All in all, they're comfortable boots built to withstand a lot of regular use.

Price: At $200, these are pricey boots. They're definitely worth it if you're a hiker that wants to get a lot of mileage out of their mid-weight boots, but these top-rated boots also offer excellent quality at a much lower price. 


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