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Lost Valley Premium Camping Hammock
  • The hammock-loving camper's best friend
  • Incredibly simple set-up and tear-down; user-friendly design
  • Durable, portable, and built for hours of happy use


Easy to set up, durable, good weight limit (350 pounds), well-designed, handy pouches and pockets, comes in easy carrying sack, and extra carabiners and straps included.

The design of the rain fly and mosquito netting is a bit iffy.


Performance: If you love to sleep in a hammock (off the ground) while camping, this is just what you need. It's lightweight and easy to carry—it even comes with its own carrying sack—but surprisingly durable. The 350-pound weight limit means even heavier campers can sleep without fear of breaking the hammock. The carabiners and straps are designed to hold A LOT of weight. It doesn't matter if you move around a lot as you sleep—the hammock can take it.

The hammock is designed to be easy to set up and take down, as are the mosquito netting and rain fly. There is a problem with the rain fly sagging from the morning dew, but it's still effective at keeping you dry at night. All in all, it does exactly what it's supposed to: give you a comfortable, dry, mosquito-free place to sleep.

Features: The hammock bundle comes with the bug net, a rain fly, and two carabiners, stakes, tree straps, and guy lines. The drawstring bag makes it easy to pack or unpack, and you'll find the setup takes less than 5 minutes, even in the dark.

Best of all, there are little pockets and pouches built into the hammock—perfect for storing your smartphone or other knickknacks.

Price: At $75, this is a bit pricey, and definitely more than most people expect to pay for a hammock. However, given its durability, user-friendly design, and simple setup, it's a product worth paying if you're a hammock lover.



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