Why people love it
  • Doesn't make hair feel stiff or sticky
  • Flake-free (they don't give a guarantee, but they totally could)
  • Impeccable, natural hold

Sadly, this gel may not offer enough hold for guys with stick straight hair. If you don't have a touch of texture already, it may not be the product for you. 


For a start, take a look at the price of this hair gel from L'Oreal. Now that you know what it can do for your budget, let's consider what it can do for your hair.  This gel just doesn't work the same way as other products on our list; it sort of melts into your hair so that it appears totally natural. No, it's not going to burn your hair off and you don't need to add any heat. But, you do need to think of it as something a little closer to a cream finish with a gel hold and consistency. That's rather rocking when you think about it. And then, there's that glowing shine to go with it. 

  • Hold and Control: Expect a strong hold that will surprise you slightly. After all, you won't be able to see it holding your hair; it's just not a hardening product. Awesome, right? 
  • Ability to Restyle: This gel offers an ability to shape and reshape your hair like no other. Again, it's that melting thing. 
  • Texturing Ability: Unfortunately, this isn't going to add lift and texture to straight hair - no matter what you do. But, it will add some bounce if you have wavy or curly hair - and it will do that without giving you any extra frizz. 
  • Shine Level: Gorgeous. No really, this is gorgeous. The reason we like it so much is that it gives you the shine you want from a gel without looking stiff like a gel. And, it's not overpowering... it's just, well, gorgeous. 
  • Flakes and Washability: Truly flake-free in a way that all other brands hope to achieve someday. And it's easier to wash out of your hair than you would think, given that it binds to the hair shaft. 
  • Scent: This gel has a wonderfully natural scent. It will be difficult to complain about it. 

Bottom Line: We love the shine that comes with this gel. And, we love the way it works and holds. The fact that it's easy to work in and out of your hair without a distinctive odor is great too. The price is right and the flexibility it offers for restyling is a plus. If only it worked on straight hair as well as it does on curly hair. Ah well, few things are perfect. 

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