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Best Memory Foam Mattress Overall

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Loom and Leaf
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  • Best memory foam mattress for the best night’s sleep
  • Perfect amount of support that takes away your pain and doesn’t give you any either
  • Great value

Sleepopolis sums up the Loom & Leaf mattress as “a luxury-level high density memory foam mattress that’d you’d normally pay $3-5K for in-store, for a fraction of that price”—and it’s spot on. Loom & Leaf gets it right: comfort, support, cooling properties, and eco-friendliness.



Temperature: Loom & Leaf uses a Spinal Zone Gel layer to prevent users from overheating while they sleep—and it works!

Smell: There’s no detectable odor from this mattress.

Support: While the quilted top layer adds a nice, soft touch, the rest of the premium foam mattress serves to give you a firm and supportive rest. As a bonus, if you share the bed with someone else, you’ll barely notice their presence as their movements are masked by the high-quality foam layers.

Longevity: We didn’t notice any complaints with sagging or depreciation of the mattress. That said, there’s a great built-in warranty you can take advantage of if you do encounter any problems.

Price: While this is more expensive than wholesale-bought memory foam mattresses, you won’t have to replace this one as frequently...or ever.

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