Coolest Long Beard Styles for Men

Coolest Long Beard Styles for Men

Gone are the days of man grooming being taboo. It’s a new era, and we’re all for it! And what better way to celebrate this by talking about one of the most popular trends for men - beard styles! We’ve prepared a list to help you decide which long beard styles to try next. 

What's the bottom line?

Don’t let your beard grow unkempt and unruly - remember, a well-groomed man is the new trend. Give your beard some lovin’ by exerting extra effort and care. Liked our guide for long beard styles? Share the post and comment down below what long beard style you’re going to try next.

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18. Long Beard with Pompadour

Long Beard with Pompadour Source

A pompadour with a long beard looks appealing as it provides volume to a man’s face. Opt for a sleek finish with added volume when styling your pompadour and keep your beard well-groomed for a youthful and put-together look.

17. Long Beard with Messy Hair

Long Beard with Messy Hair Source

Messy hair with a long beard isn’t as effortless as you think.The best way to achieve the style is by grooming it to look that way. Trim your beard to your desired shape then add some product to your mane.

16. Long Beard with Man Bun

Long Beard with Man Bun Source

The messy top knot with sideburns and facial hair combo adds dimension and appeal to your face. Our advice is to get rid of the tangles with a beard brush and add some texture with a little pomade.

15. Long Beard with Curly Hair

Long Beard with Curly Hair Source

Men blessed with thick long curls know that great beards require great responsibility. Some grooming methods you can try include regular trims, and consistent brushing. You can style them by using products with a shiny finish and hold them in place with a medium-hold hairspray.

14. Long Beard with Fade Haircut

Long Beard with Fade Haircut Source

Another haircut that flatters the beard is the fade haircut. The polished style of the fade cut balances out a longer beard and keeps the look fresh and modern. To maintain the fade, make regular appointments with your barber. 

13. Long Beard with Slicked Back Hair

Long Beard with Slicked Back Hair Source

Slicked back hair is a classic and retro hairstyle that’s always trending. When paired with a beard, it can make for a clean masculine aesthetic. Use a strong-hold pomade with a glossy, shiny finish for your hair and some wax for your beard.

12. Long Beard with Long Hair

Long Beard with Long Hair Source

Men with long hair and a long beard will always look cool, think Jared Leto during the MET Gala. Grooming plays a big factor as it keeps you from looking disheveled. Use moisturizing hair and beard products to keep them soft and luscious. 

11. Long Grey Beard

Long Grey Beard Source

For men with mature silver locks, you can rock a stylish long grey beard. As long as it is polished and well-kempt, a long grey beard can look sexy and sophisticated. Don’t dye it black, feel confident, and embrace the salt ‘n pepper.

10. Power Beard

Power Beard Source

The power beard requires more confidence as it draws attention to the face. It has a more voluptuous, rounded, and full shape that will take more work to groom. A round brush technique or a heated straightening brush will do the trick.

9. Hipster Beard

Hipster Beard Source

There’s no particular look to a hipster beard as it’s all about setting yourself apart from others. So for this style, do what you will. Break social norms and build your own individual beard image and personality. 

8. Long Goatee

Long Goatee Source

The long goatee is a rebellious beard style you can try if you’re thinking about growing your beard for the first time. It’s a versatile beard style that works with older gentlemen and younger lads too!

7. Pointy Beard

Pointy Beard Source

This style requires more maintenance as it is treated in two sections. Keep the top part above your jawline trimmed and neat, while you grow out and groom the length beneath the chin. Think Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained. 

6. Polished Look

Polished Look Source

A polished look is a mixture of rough edges with a clean neck and cheek lines. Trim the edges at least once a day for an appealing, styled, and controlled look. 

5. Viking Beard

Viking Beard Source

When I hear the word Viking I immediately picture a great warrior with an astonishing beard. The look is masculine and eye-catching. To get Thor’s luscious beard, trim and wash on a regular basis with a moisturizing beard shampoo

4. Long Beard with Bald Head

Long Beard with Bald Head Source

Bald heads can look great with long beards - in fact, a bald head can work with any kind of beard. It adds dimension and character to your face and it will work with men of any age.

3. Biker Beard

Biker Beard Source

Want to channel your inner ZZ Top? Then opt for a biker beard. Not only does it look appealing, but it also protects the skin against harsh elements. Maintain your willful whiskers by making use of a high-quality natural beard wash.

2. Long Bushy Beard

Long Bushy Beard Source

Bushy beards are the best for men who want low maintenance styling - There’s no need to worry about bald patches. It's also a great option for those who want to amplify their jawline and add texture to their face.

1. Long Full Beard

Long Full Beard Source

A long, full beard can somewhat be harder to maintain. Without proper styling, you can end up looking like Hagrid in Harry Potter. To rock the look, get a haircut that compliments the length of the beard. Then style it with beard oil or beard balm.  

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