Lodge Cast-Iron 13.25” Skillet

Best Cast Iron Skillet for Feeding a Crowd

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It’s a ridiculously big skillet and costs a bit more than the intro line.


If you have a lot of people to feed (every night or just around the campfire), this is the skillet you want. It’s huge and yet it cooks so evenly. That already should tempt you in its direction. But, then there is the pre-seasoning which has been done just right. And, you get a bonus silicone hot handle holder to help with the cooking process. Also, while the price is on the higher end, it’s not priced out of the competition. In fact, given the size, we still think this is one of the best deals on the market.

Shape, size, and weight? It’s a round skillet measuring 13¼“ and has a flat-bottom cooking surface. It is a weighty 12.1 pounds though, so you can expect big muscles after working with this pan.

Enameled or pre-seasoned? It’s a bare pan (there’s no enamel) and it does come pre-seasoned. The reports of inadequate seasonings are rare, so you can rest assured knowing it's seriously good quality.

Suitable for all cooking surfaces? Yes. You can use it everywhere – even on the backyard grill. Though we would recommend you take the silicone handle cover off before putting it in the oven especially a hot one.

What about pour corners and handles? There’s one handle, which is much needed given the weight and size of this skillet. It’s not the longest handle out there, but it’s generous enough to handle the pan. The silicone hot handle cover is very useful, and covers the whole handle. There’s also a helping handle with a hole for hanging and two pour corners on either side of the pan (though you may have difficulty lifting this without holding both handles.)

Range options? This particular range of skillets has a couple of sizes available, all the way down to 8”. You don’t get any options on the color of the handle cover; it comes in red and that’s what you get.

Will it break the bank? This isn’t the cheapest – not for Lodge nor for cast iron skillets in general. But, we’re chalking that up to the size because the smallest sells for under $20. This particular size will set you back between $80 and $100.

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