Lodge 10.25” Cast Iron Skillet

Best Overall Cast Iron Skillet

Why people love it
  • Impeccable quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Great product and at a great price

This 10¼” skillet is pre-seasoned and has a sturdy, albeit short handle. Both the long handle and the helper handle have holes for hanging if desired.

Though it is pre-seasoned, it could potentially do with another coating before use with foods like eggs.


If you have a single cast iron skillet, it should be this one. And, given the price, you probably don’t need to make a decision between this one and another one. There are a lot of sizes available, but the 10¼ inch is a fabulous size. The handle is big enough without being bulky… and the skillet is pre-seasoned. That’s a bonus (once again, given the price). But, you might want to think about another coating. All in, this is incredible and you know you want it.

And, if value-for-money doesn't move you, consider the timelessness and sentiment behind these skillets. This missive from Jan Barker, a writer for Atlanta Magazine, demonstrates the power a Lodge skillet can have in anyone's life. (At the very least, it's an incredible read.) All-American company, Lodge, has been around since 1896 - and their tagline demonstrates their intention to make memories in the kitchen, "We don't just make iron; we make heirlooms that bring people together for generations." They're serious about all things good, including the environment. They have an Energy Star partnership and developed an environmentally melting system. 

Shape, size, and weight? This round skillet is 10¼ inches. And, it’s not the worst cast iron skillet to handle at all of 5 pounds.

Enameled or pre-seasoned? It’s not enameled, but it is pre-seasoned. That said, some users report issues with the condition of the pre-seasoning. You may want to give it a try. It’s a flat bottom so it’s not terribly tricky.

Suitable for all cooking surfaces? You can use this in just about any way you want – including induction stove tops and over the camp fire. It’s also useful in the oven; you will have a difficult time finding an occasion when you don’t reach for this pan.

What about pour corners and handles? It has a short handle which makes it difficult to flip food without putting excess pressure on your wrist, but that makes it perfect for smaller ovens. There’s also a helper handle because you have to add 5 pounds to whatever you’ve put in the skillet. There are also pour corners on both sides.

Range options? It’s Lodge. If you’ve not heard about this company, then you really should take a moment to read up on the entire range.

Will it break the bank? No! Not even close. You’ll pay less than $20 for this cast iron skillet. We would love it even if it were two or three times more expensive, but we’ll certainly take it at the price point given. (You should too!)

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