Why people love it
  • An almost perfect hold for most hair
  • A smell that draws women closer
  • Restyles easily

Sadly, this hair wax isn't easy to wash out, but you'll want to as it can cause breakouts for guys with sensitive skins. 


When you have to include the words "original" and "classic" in the product name, you can bet it's exactly what you would want in a wax. The manufacturers really worked hard on the formula; although it's classic, you'll find it's been produced with the highest grade materials and each container is "satisfaction ensured." No matter what the folks at Lock Stock and Barrel say, this is an excellent quality wax.

This wax features a pliable texture, with a medium shine. And, you only need to apply it to the tips of your hair (unless you're in need of a super strong lift). It's really quite easy to apply, and it has good hold. Most guys believe it to be a very nice product and love that a little goes a long way. Guys say things like, "Best product I have found so far." 

  • Hold and Control: You'll get a firm hold from this, but it's not exactly the strongest on the list. Expect firmness with flexibility - rather perfect for most styles. 
  • Ability to Restyle: Yep, you're going to love this if you want a combination of strength and the ability to restyle your hair throughout the day. 
  • Texturing Ability: You're not going to trick people into thinking you have a super trendy haircut by adding texture with this product alone; you'll need a great haircut first. 
  • Shine Level: This wax has a matte finish... all the way. 
  • Flakes and Washability: Watch it! This product can be difficult to wash, but you don't want to sleep with it on your hair. Not only will it be a mess, it could be problematic for sensitive skins. 
  • Scent: The light scent of this product works well with the other products in your grooming routine, and it is rather enticing. 

Bottom Line: If there weren't reports of this hair wax being too much for skin along hairlines, this would rate a lot higher. If you have dryer skin and you need seriously strong hold with a matte finish, this is the one for you. 

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This wax offers a strong hold which is exactly why it features so prominently on barbershop counters. It features a pliable texture, with a medium shine. And, you only need to apply it to the tips of your hair unless you're in need of a strong lift.

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