Loc8tor Handheld Pet Finder Locator

Most Unobtrusive Pet Tracker

Why people love it
  • The best way to track smaller pets on a farm or large property
  • Great for kittens, puppies, turtles, and other small pets
  • Reliable locator with accuracy down to 1 inch

The range is limited to 400 feet.


Tracking: Rather than using GPS tracking, this system relies on radio frequency signals to help you locate your pet. The handheld tracker has a range of up to 400 feet, and the lights (red, yellow, and green) will let you know when you're getting closer. It's accurate to within 1 inch of your pet's location.

The compact size (1.2" x 0.8"  x 0.3") and light weight (0.175 ounces) makes this ideal for smaller pets: from turtles to snakes to kittens to puppies to birds. Each tracker comes with two tags (though it's compatible with up to four at a time), and they will make it easy to track your pets anywhere on your property.

Features: The handheld tracker comes with a magnet attached to the back, making it easy for you to secure it to the fridge or any metal around your house. The Alert Mode will sound an alarm when your pet has crossed a boundary or left the predefined safe zones. Locate Mode will guide you right to where your pet is hiding or playing.

With a 5-month battery life, this is a "set it and forget it" pet tracker.

Price: At $100 for the two-tag tracker set, this is a pretty inexpensive option for pet owners who want to keep close tabs on their smaller pets. It's lightweight, durable, resistant to water, and able to track your pet anywhere on your property.

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