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Best Valentine's Gift for a Great Escape

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  • Great deals on local and global travel
  • Pick your escape based on your budget
  • Great way to escape the winter cold

Men’s Health says, “Another reason to travel together: Sharing new experiences together causes the same chemical release in the brain as falling in love.” Even if your wife’s not openly begging for a trip away somewhere, you can bet she’ll be happy to receive this gift.

If you’ve got kids, pets, and jobs, you’ll need to coordinate covering each of those in order to make this trip work.


Sentimentality: Take her someplace that’s special to the both of you—or where you want to make new memories—and this’ll mean a lot to her.

Uniqueness: Valentine’s getaways aren’t a novel idea, but they’re still one your wife will love.

Practicality: See the cons above.

Price: Depends on where you want to go, what you want to do, and how much you want to spend.

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