Live Ultimate Camu Complex Night Cream

Best Gender-Neutral Anti-Aging Product

Why people love it
  • All natural product packed with anti-aging ingredients
  • Nighttime application
  • Intensely moisturizing

It’s not the cheapest product on the list and does contain some alcohol.


Have you ever watched a woman in a movie or TV show applying a heavy cream to her face before bed. And did you note that the girl sitting on the couch with you didn’t flinch or question what was happening? Women have known for years that the best time to give their faces a boost is while they sleep. Whether you didn’t know that - or you thought it was only for women, this rejuvenating cream is about to change your life.

This baby is pumped full of everything good for your skin and doesn’t have anything you don’t want. And, when we say full, we mean it. This cream is apparently where all the antioxidants in the world live. Now, it works for both men and women, and doesn’t have much of a fragrance, so you can expect your girl friend or wife to use it without telling you. We suggest sharing - or hiding it if you’re no good at that sharing thing.

Considering the A-list ingredients in this night cream, you are justified in the expectation of miracles. The retinol pushes cell turnover while the peptides hold the moisture in at cellular level for serious hydration and rejuvenation. The vitamin C will make your face appear bright and radiant while the Vitamin E softens everything. It’s designed as a night cream so the lack of SPF is not even a question

$48 seems like a lot to pay at first, but the results are consistent with the price. Keep in mind that it features both retinol and peptides; it was never going to be cheap.

Who’s It For? This night cream isn’t specifically for men; but it’s also not specifically for women.

Application: Apply this cream (which is rather serum-like in consistency) just before bed. In the morning, after you wash your face, switch to a day cream. You will start to notice the effects quickly.

Headlining ingredients: You’ll find retinol, peptides, Vitamin E, and a super healthy dose of Vitamin C in this product. That and lots of soothing oils and butters.

Texture and Fragrance: There is a mild fruity scent to this product and it should feel rich and thick when applying it.

Price: $48 for 1.7 ounces ($28 per ounce). 

What reviewers say: These reviews were written by a mix of men and women. But hey, this is one of those gender-neutral skin care products available, so what do you expect?

  • I'm 51 years old now and experiencing skin problems that come with aging. The biggest problem I've had is dryness, which leaves my skin flaky. I've tried many good quality moisturizers. When I tried Camu Camu it too went on smoothly without any unpleasant feel or appearance. I have to say it out performs others over the long run.
  • I was ready for "just another moisturizer" but have to admit I am pleased with the outcome of this cream over time. I am now on my third jar. I use it at night after cleansing my face and find I don't even need it in the morning after I do a "splash" wash. My face stays soft and moist (not greasy) the whole day. I had some ugly eruptions and dry/scaly patches when I first started using it and they are gone gone gone!!! This cream is soothing and moisturizing and evens out my tone. Friends who haven't seen me for awhile have commented on how great I look. For an old lady, that makes for a sweet day!!!
  • I bought this product. I loved it for my 60+ face. Very nice on old drying skin. I bought a different brand (because it was cheaper), and I am so sorry I did. The CamuCamu was a great product for me and I will buy it again.

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