Why people love it
  • Durable, built to last, and requires minimal maintenance
  • With a bit of modification, you'll only have to empty it once every 5-7 weeks
  • It really does deliver on its promises!

Keeps your house free of odors, low maintenance, no risk of urine leaking onto the floor (ew!), durable, easy to clean, safety features included, and (best of all) works with any regular garbage bags.

Reviewers report this bad boy can be a bit noisy, and the price is obviously a bit high.


Operation: When your cat enters the box, a weight sensor is activated. 7 minutes later, the cleaning cycle begins. The globe rotates slowly, sifting the clean litter from the clumps and poop. All the waste goes into a garbage bag-lined drawer, which is large enough to be emptied once every few weeks. The globe spins until it has returned to its original position, with fresh litter for your cat's next visit.

The beauty of this kitty litter box is that there are no rakes or wires to get clogged, jammed, or broken. It uses gravity and a sifter to do the cleaning. The inner workings are durable and built to last, so you can expect many happy years of operation from this bad boy!

Features: The litter box is easy to set up, runs on 12V DC power, and can be installed anywhere in the house. It is a bit noisy, so it's better to run it in the laundry room or even outdoors. The average fill time for the bag is 1-2 weeks, though you can modify it so that it takes longer to fill—meaning even less maintenance required.

If the cat litter box is cleaning and your cat decides to enter, the box will automatically shut off. It's kitty-safe, and you'll find that it is designed to eliminate cat urine spills. It's your best option for keeping your home clean and fresh with as little work as possible.

Price: At $400, this is a high-priced litter box, to say the least! However, it eliminates the work of dealing with your cat's litter, eliminates cat urine and poop smells, and ensures your pet always has clean litter. Definitely worth the investment!

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