Best Mouthwash for Fighting Gingivitis

Listerine Ultra Clean Arctic Mint Antiseptic Mouthwash
  • Leaves mouth ultra clean
  • Great price
  • Results in refreshingly clean breath
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Besides the price, which you will flip over, this mouthwash sets out to give you plaque and gingivitis-free mouth. And, the anti-tartar ingredient offers cleaner, brighter teeth.

When a reviewer says something “tastes like poison,” you really need to be wary of the flavor. Actually, it’s a much repeated concern with this mouthwash.


This is the bottle that makes you think of mouthwash and the Listerine brand is well-respected. Add to that the fantastic price of this product and you’re starting to get the picture. This budget mouthwash really does a fantastic job with relieving plaque build-up and other such nasties. But it tastes terrible; likely as a result of the incredibly high alcohol content. Still, you will get fresher breath that lasts until your next meal.

What does it claim to do? The marketing team at Listerine really does take a leap when it says this mouthwash provides a dentist-level clean. However, the bottle itself does claim to control tartar build-up and kill plaque and gingivitis germs. It also is said to freshen breath and keep it that way.

Does it do it? We’re not convinced on the dentist-fresh clean, but the rest of the claims hold up under scrutiny.

Is it good at anything else? What more do you want? Just kidding, we know that a miracle product at this price would make anyone happy, but there’s no promise about it.

Who’s it for? If you need a little extra hand dealing with gingivitis or bad breath, this is for you. Just don’t let your kids get into it.

What’s inside the bottle? There’s a fair amount of alcohol in this mix (over 21 percent), but you’ll also find eucalyptol and menthol to get the job done.

Recommended usage? You can rinse with this two to three times a day. It’s best to do it after brushing, but if you need a little help after lunch, we get it.

What’s it taste like? It’s a strong mint flavor; in fact a little on the too strong side of things. Don’t try it if you can’t handle strong flavors.

Will it break the bank? We love the price of this mouthwash. You’ll get it for about 15 cents an ounce. Come on, who doesn’t love that?

Available on Subscribe and Save or Prime Pantry? You can add this to your Prime Panty box; it takes up eight percent of your space, just in case you’re wondering.


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