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Best Graduation Gift for the Job Seeker

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Why people love it


  • Affordable graduation gift idea 
  • Excellent way to ease them into the job hunt 
  • Has a huge payoff in the end (if they use it) 


Did you know that 21% of college graduates in 2016 already had a job lined up for them after graduation? While that number is pretty impressive, that also means that 79% won’t have a job right away, which is why this gift is a particularly handy one to give.

You can give them the tools to find jobs, but you can’t give them the motivation to actually use it. (That being said, if they’re already on LinkedIn, then they probably are motivated, so you shouldn’t have any worries in giving this gift.)


Happiness Factor: Millennials are known for being frugal, so any sort of practical contribution you can make towards improving their standing in life and that doesn’t cost them anything will be well-received.

Practical Applications: This is LinkedIn Premium, which means it unlocks a whole bunch of power in your graduate’s job search.

Price: It’s a pricey service, but it’s not one you’ll likely have to pay for forever—especially since it’s meant to enhance job search results.

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