Why people love it
  • Provides ample support for large breasts
  • Does a fantastic job of minimizing
  • Quality design that holds up over time

There are two complaints. Larger breasted customers complain that the fabric is too thin, which can result in nipple show through. Smaller breasted customers claim that the bra is just way too much fabric.


Comfort: This super soft bra was clearly made for women with larger breasts and it does a fantastic job of comfort and support. It’s actually so well made that it provides more than enough support so you don’t feel like you’re flopping around all over the place or about to bust loose at any moment.

Security: There’s a silicone layer on the inside of the bra that helps keep the bra up. In addition, the thick band that goes around the torso helps keep the bra in place.

Price: It’s expensive, but that shouldn’t matter if it does the job it’s meant to do.

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