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No padding or support panels to bulk up your profile. Comfortable fit.

It’s tailored toward large-busted women, so women with small or average busts might do better with a different strapless bra.


Style: Confidently don a wedding dress, tube top, or sleeveless blouse with help from this Bali strapless bra. Its seamless design won’t wrinkle or bunch under your clothing, nor will it show through form-fitting clothes.

As with the traditional Bali minimizer bra on our list, this strapless number reduces your bustline by up to 1.5 inches. Now you can finally wear that button-front dress you’ve been eyeing!

Maximize your wear by converting the adjustable straps to three different styles: Halter, criss-cross, and demi. This underwire bra has an open neckline, so it won’t make an appearance when you wear revealing tops or dresses.

Material: Nylon and elastane create a sleek strapless bra that feels just as good as it looks. There’s no foam filling, so your breasts have more room to breathe.

Support: Excellent support for D cups and larger, but not-so-great support for B and C cups. However, this is a minimizer bra, which means it’s geared toward busty gals.

Comfort: The smooth material and seamless, padding-free design make this a comfy bra for big-busted women. The underwire can get a bit uncomfortable if your bra is too tight, so make sure you choose the right size.

Price: Around $32 to $40 if you pay full price.


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