Most Affordable Push Up Bra

Lily of France Women's Sensational Lace Push Up Bra
  • Pretty lace detailing
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Sits smoothly beneath clothing

The lace detailing on this bra makes it one of the prettier push bras on this list. So if you’re looking for soft, comfortable, and pretty, this is a great value.

Some reviewers have stated that this bra doesn’t fit true to size, so make sure to check with Lily of France to see if they have any special notes on sizing.


Support: People love this bra because the padding provides just the right amount of support without suffocating.

Lift: Again, the padding works really well with this bra, so you’ll get a great natural-looking lift when wearing it.

Comfort: No one has reported any issues with straps digging into shoulders or the bra riding up too high or low anywhere. The one complaint made with regards to comfort pertained to the underwire. If you’ve got smaller breasts, you may want to opt for a wireless alternative (see what the Huffington Post has to say about that here).

Price: This isn’t the cheapest push up bra on our list, but it is the best value for what you get.


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