Why people love it
  • Colors are amazingly intense; brightest of the color-changing bulbs
  • No need for a hub
  • Easy to setup

This works with Alexa when you need voice controls. Super bright bulbs are easy to set up and there is no hub with this Wi-Fi system.

Um, not cheap. Not cheap at all. And, the bulbs can become a little on the hot side if you run them for too long.


You can do a lot with these bulbs. Besides the ability to program your lights to switch on when you return home, there are color moods and palates that you can set. The associated app is quick and easy to download (even for iPhones, though not for HomeKit). And, you can connect up to 100 bulbs to your phone. You can dim your lights and the interface is rather intuitive. And, the lack of a hub is a plus for some people. The downside? Take a look at the price. ARGH!

What systems does it connect to? The ability to integrate with your favorite platforms is one of the reasons we really like these light bulbs. You can connect it with Amazon Echo/Alexa, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, and Nest. But, you should know that it doesn’t connect with Apple’s HomeKit. We know that will turn some of you off. You can also use it alone with the LIFX app on your smartphone--no need for a hub or system.

How does it connect? No hub is needed. You might like that, especially because you can link these lights with your home WiFi network. In case you’re wondering, each one is Wi-Fi enabled; no Bluetooth needed.

What colors are available? Each bulb can adjust to 16 million different colors and 1,000 shades of white from warm to cool. You kind of have to appreciate the amount of thought put into the colors.

Lumens? Looking for super bright bulbs? These have 1055 lumens. That’s about as powerful as you’re going to get with home lighting.

Watts or watts equivalent? You get the equivalent of 75 watts with each 11 watt LED bulb.

How long should a light bulb last? Expect 25,000 hours of light. That’s a little low as far as LED lights go, but these are really powerful bulbs.

Cost for an individual bulb or fitting? $50 for a single light bulb? That’s hard to justify, but somehow, this bulb pulls it off. We would like it more if it were cheaper.

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