Lifting Belt By Rip Toned

Most Versatile Weight Lifting Belt

Why people love it
  • Great for MMA training, CrossFit, weight lifting, Olympic training, and HIIT
  • Useful for men and women; unisex comfort
  • Excellent customer service—all problems and complaints resolved promptly

Compatible with a variety of activities; unisex colors and fit; durable design; not too heavy duty; washable; inner core provides stability and cushioning; and features a Velcro fastener for customized comfort.

Not suitable for power lifters/Strongmen.


Performance: For those who participate in multiple workouts—from CrossFit to HIIT to Olympic training to MMA to basic resistance training—this is the belt that can keep up with all of the above. It's lightweight and flexible, but it doesn't compromise on lower back support. The front and back of the belt are 4.5 wide, but the sides narrow down to allow for greater flexibility and mobility.

The belt is highly comfortable, thanks to the inner core that provides cushioning and enhances stability. It's not a heavy duty belt for serious powerlifters, but it's the ideal option for men and women who want to train hard at the gym or hit their WOD like champs. It can help to reduce lower back injuries and stabilize existing injuries, making it great for recovery!

Price: At $20, this is one of the best-priced belts on the list. It's a great choice for lifters who want to engage in other training activities and need "one belt to rule them all". Great for men and women alike.

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