Why people love it
  • Specially lubricated to overcome friction and create a great natural feeling
  • Reservoir tip for added comfort and safety
  • Made of the highest quality latex

LifeStyle Ultra Lubricated condoms have been ranked as 1 of the 3 most durable condoms on the market. Unlike other lubricated condoms, LifeStyle Ultra Lubricated condoms come specially lubricated and designed to overcome friction. The condoms are even triple-checked to ensure durability. LifeStyle Ultra Lubricated are made of high-quality latex and come with a reservoir tip for additional comfort along with safety. 

What reviewers say: 

  • These are my usual brand and I just love them. The fit is perfect with just the right amount of lube inside. The price is fantastic and I will definitely be ordering more!
  • Best condoms I've ever purchased. They're tough and amazing.


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