Lifestyles Skyn Selection Condoms

Best Condom Variety Pack

Why people love it
  • Highly durable; resistant to breakage even after years of sitting on a shelf
  • Provides options for lovemaking
  • Extra lubrication for her pleasure

Three different types of condoms in one pack, highly durable, well-lubricated, good for those with sensitive skin, not too thick, and comfortable design.

Strong latex smell (a common problem with Lifestyles and Trojan).


Performance: This is the pack for those who want to kick their performance up a notch! They're thin enough that they won't deprive you of sensation, but thick enough to be as breakage-proof as you could hope for. The 24-pack of condoms gives you options for when you want to change things up with your sex, making things more pleasurable for you or for her.

Features: In addition to the incredibly durable Lifestyles Skyn Original condom, you get 8 with extra lubrication and 6 designed with studs to increase her sensations. The Intense Feel condoms come with studs in a wave-like pattern that can maximize her pleasure. At the same time, they're well-lubricated with Lifestyle's UltraSilky lubrication. If you can stand the latex smell, they'll enhance the pleasure of your sexual experience significantly.

Price: At $14 for a 24-pack, this is a reasonably priced option. It's not as cheap as the value pack, but you're not paying premium prices either. Best of all, you get variety in a single box, making your sex a different experience every time.

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