Why people love it
  • Beautiful for your dining room, rugged for your kitchen
  • Built to last; ceramic blades hold an edge well
  • Always have fresh-ground salt and pepper

Grind may be too coarse for some tastes.


Details: For those who know their way around a fancy meal, it's clear how important fresh-ground salt and black pepper is. A man who knows the finer things of life will appreciate this gift to no end.

The salt and pepper grinder comes with two BPA-free acrylic canisters to hold coarse salt and whole peppercorns. The ceramic grinder will give him fresh ground salt and pepper at every meal. With the stainless steel end caps, you get an elegance that matches the fancy décor of any dining room while also keeping up with regular kitchen use.

Price: Is $14 too high a price to pay for a fancy addition to your dining room and kitchen setup? Absolutely not! The salt and pepper grinder will give you the best, and freshest, seasoning for your meals.

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