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The pre-programmed workouts are all clever and offer a range of challenges, while the MP3 plug-in is a surprising bonus given the price. It folds for storage and you get a full (4-month) membership to the LifeSpan Club which helps with fitness tracking.

It’s a noisy machine – not overwhelming, but hardly quiet either. You will need to follow the 3-monthly maintenance checkups to make sure this machine continues to operate as you think it should.


You may find it difficult to believe you can score this folding treadmill for under $1,000. We certainly are. For the most part this is a remarkable machine and the attention to detail is outstanding. Now, it’s not 100% perfect, but it was difficult not to give this the top spot in the ranking. That begins with the EZ Drop system that makes folding it away rather easy.  

For a compact treadmill, it’s got more than enough length for most runners (sorry for the super long leggers out there) and the 2-ply belt moves along wide rollers, making for a smoother run than most inexpensive options. There are also 6 independent shock absorbers and a cushioned belt for comfort. And, the super-cool Intelli-Guard safety feature pauses your workout if you step off the machine for 20 seconds.

As for other goodies, this value-for-money treadmill certainly isn’t lacking. You get the cup holders that you would expect and there is a “book rack” for watching whatever you’d like on your iPad. More than that, there are headphone and MP3 player plug-ins. The LCD display is backed by QuickSet buttons to make changing your workout super simple. And, the handles offer heart rate grips. (If you want a chest strap, you will need to sort that out separately, but this treadmill is set up for that.)

You also get a membership to the LifeSpan Club with this treadmill. The upside of that is the ability to track your progress and download new workouts. The downside is that you only get 4 months with the purchase of your machine. After that, you’ll need to pay, though a lifetime membership costs just $69.

Is there a wide workout variety? The 21 programs include 2 heart rate, 5 weight management, 7 sports training, 5 “healthy living”, and 2 customizable programs. The pre-programmed options were designed by physiologists.

How fast can you make it go? From 0.5 – 11 mph. That’s average.

How much incline can you get? Inclines from 0-15%.

Are there any safety features? It has EN957 and UL certifications. More importantly, if you step off the belt, the Intelli-Guard safety feature automatically pauses it. There’s also an easily accessible stop button.

Maximum weight? 300 pounds.

Track size? 56” L x 20” W. That’s on the smaller side of average. Mind you, it’s not bad, but it’s not huge. Though anyone with long legs will want to splurge on a treadmill for home with a longer track length.

Dimensions? Assembled dimensions: 54” H x 70” L x 33” W. When packed away: 63” H x 39” L x 33” W.

What type of motor does it have? 2.5 HP Continuous Duty DC.

Is there a warranty? There is a Lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. There is also 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

Will it break the bank? At $900, we think this is a serious value-for-money treadmill.


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