LifeProof iPhone Case

Best Christmas Gift for iPhone Users

Why people love it
  • Surprisingly sleek; less clunky than expected considering its durability
  • Doesn't interfere with the touchscreen or fingerprint reader
  • Resistant to water, dust, snow, impact, and even FIRE damage!

Cases only last 4-12 months, interferes with microphone.


Details: We reviewed a lot of iPhone cases for this collection of gifts, and choosing the best was a tough choice. The LifeProof case won our recommendation because of their basic design premise: [email protected] happens. Their case is designed to protect your phone from fumbles, splashes, and full immersion - and all the while keeping the touchscreen open.

If you want an iPhone case designed to handle rugged outdoor use, the Lifeproof case is a good option to consider. It provides protection from snow, dirt, dust, and even water (up to 6.6 feet for 1 hour). It claims to protect your screen from breaking, though some users have complained that it isn't truly shatter-resistant.

The case doesn't have the longest lifespan (no more than 1 year); but for outdoor adventurers who want to protect their iPhone while out on a hike, it's a good camping phone case.

Price: $45 is a high price to pay for a phone case, but it's worth it to keep your phone from being damaged while you hike, camp, or fish.

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