When you need to position your phone, your camera, or your tablet so you can play (erm, work), this little guy is the thing that does it best.

  • Multi-position legs
  • Adjustable clamping system

Sure it looks a little creepy, but maybe you're into that. And, this monster does its job. Not only can you bend and reposition the legs of this creature, it can also grasp the edges to keep your device secure (this makes it attachable to the front of your bike - as well as your desk). With rubber grips, you know you're in good hands. It also features adjustable joint tension and clamping system. This device is perfect for anyone who needs to be hands-free with electronic devices.

What Reviewers Say: 

This is an incredible product that many users love to brag about:

  • Life form idea is perfect - it mimics the stability of a spider and adapts well to many surfaces. It fits nicely between the slide-out ashtray and the armrest of a Cad DeVille creating a continuous console and ergonomic space to use the i-pad. Do not buy it if you want to be inconspicuous, however. They all stare... On the other hand, it was very handy in bars and coffee shops to start acquaintances; people are curious.
  • When trying my camera I found the tightness of the joints to be perfect for holding shape under some weight. I hung the camera upside down on a door frame, made a cool look for entering a room or Security cam look.
  • I got this little "thing" because I am a frequent traveler (both for work and pleasure). I was looking for something that I could use whether I was in an airplane, or a car, or a hotel. Found it to be very sturdy no matter where I was. I originally got it for my iPad, but have been using it with my camera too. (Canon DSLR). I'm planning a trip to Peru and now I think bringing this will be a must!
  • Ok, it is larger than I was expecting. However, it is really well built and supports the various items solidly. Very versatile. And, we can't ignore the fact that it will catch people's eye and start a conversation when they see it.

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