Libbey Vina Stemless Wine Glasses

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  • Amazing price
  • Solid quality product
  • Exceptionally sturdy

Some users find these too big and too fragile for their needs.


In addition to a terrific price, these glasses (yes, real glass) can hold a lot of wine. But the thing we love most about these glasses is the distinction between red and white wine bowls. As most serious wine drinkers will tell you, the shape of the glasses enhance the flavor through the amount and flow of aeration.

On top of that, these glasses are big and simultaneously lightweight. We appreciate that for dinner parties. Better still is the fact that these do remarkably well in the dishwasher (though we would only put them in the top rack if we were you). If you’re interested, they’re part of the Vina series by Libbey, so you can build a complete collection.

Red or white? You get an even split of red and white wine glasses in each pack.

What are they made of? Glass. Yep, glass – at this price.

How big are they?  The red wine glasses can hold 17.75 ounces of wine; the white manage 17 ounces. Each glass weighs a little more than 5 ounces.

Dishwasher-safe? Yes

Any options? You can choose between a 12-pack (which includes 6 red and 6 white glasses) and a 16-pack which is much more economical.

How much for a set? About $25

And that’s how many glasses? 12

So, the cost per glass is? Roughly $2.08. Not bad right?

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