LG WT5680HVA Washing Machine

Best Top Loader Washing Machine

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Why people love it
  • Large-capacity tub
  • Everything comes out so clean
  • Variety of cycles and features

This is an affordable large-capacity top loader that still fits within the standard 27” width many nooks have. It’s good on water and electricity consumption, has loads of features and excellent vibration standards.

It’s not the most gentle of machines, and not all of the cycles are swift.


Unlike many machines with large drums, this appliance will fit into the snug 27” you have for it. As a top loader, though, it is rather tall. So, if you’re on the short side, you may struggle to reach the bottom of the barrel.

And, we’ll deal with the downsides first – just to get them out of the way. When comparing specs with specs, you’ll find it difficult to find anything outstanding about this machine. It has just 3 dispensers and the energy and water efficiency levels are good, but not excellent. Same goes for noise levels – it won’t sound as if you’re working with a 1980s appliance or anything; it’s just that it could be quieter. More importantly – at least for some users – is its overall gentleness on clothes. It’s really not bad, but this top loader is built for families (as many of these models are); if you really want to protect your super-expensive clothing, we do suggest moving along. It’s just not as gentle as front loaders, but it is better than most top loaders.

Now, for the good stuff…

Not only is this a good looking machine, it’s sold at a terrific price. It has nine amazing wash cycles, including bedding. The LG Steam technology does an incredible job with super dirty clothes. The display panel lights up to tell you what’s going on – and interrupting the load to add the sock that fell out on your walk to the laundry room is about as easy as lifting the glass lid.

And then there are the options. Of course, you won’t have any idea what these are because some of them sound as though they perform the same tasks. (They don’t; and that’s why you have a manual.) There’s also an Allergine cycle that, while it takes more than 2 hours to complete, will be a total benefit to babies and those with skin sensitivities.

Finally, although this article relates specifically to washing machines, it’s worth noting that this appliance’s matching tumble dryer is absolutely incredible (DLEX5680V). When you buy them together you’ll be ever so happy with yourself.

Load access: Top loader with wash plate action

Color: Granite

Display and controls: Electronic LED with a dial and option buttons

Wash cycles: 9: permanent press, whites, heavy duty, delicate, normal, steam, speed, bedding, presoak – this is definitely more than average given the price. And, many will appreciate the explicit bedding cycle.

Number of water temperatures: Automatic

Dispensers: 3: detergent, fabric softener, bleach – this is the minimum standard.

Maximum spin speed: 1100 rpm – this is about average. You can certainly get more speed than this machine offers, which will bring down the kilowatt hours, but you may not find a need for it.

Kilowatt hours (per year): 135 – it’s not the worst, but it’s also far from the best.

Dimensions: 27”W x 28.375”D x 46”H. It weighs 146 pounds. This is a top loader and it’s definitely one of the tallest machines out there. You’ll need to reach to pull clothes out of the bottom; if you’re on the shorter side, this may not be the one for you.

Interior capacity: 5.2 cu. ft. – this is big, but not the biggest on the market. Still, you probably won’t find much call for a larger machine.

Price: The MSRP is $1.200, but you’ll pay between $800 and $1,000. With that, you get a 1-year parts and labor warranty and a 10-year motor warranty. Not too shabby!

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