LG WM9000HVA TurboWash Front Load Washer

Best Washing Machine to Splurge On

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Why people love it
  • Delightfully quiet
  • Large capacity tub
  • Adjustable settings and it cleans clothes well

This front loader has a 5.2 cu. ft. capacity, smart features (via ThinQ), an ergonomically-designed door, and is compatible with the LG SideKick.

Besides being quite expensive, ThinQ doesn’t work with iOS phones. Ouch.


Before we delve into the really fun parts of this washing machine review, we’d like to cover the basics – you know size, speed, and ability to do its job well. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Firstly, the 5.2 cu. ft. of space is generous and many users can’t justify much more. It operates at 1300 rpm and while we would have expected its energy efficiency to drop a little more than 120 annual kilowatt hours, that’s really not bad. Water efficiency is also great.

You get 14 preset cycles (including bedding and Allergine) and an additional 13 options. It’s difficult to find a residential washing machine that can do more. Still, it’s gentle on clothes and users love the way it cleans silently.

In terms of size, it’s bigger than the old standard of 27” which isn’t a problem for everyone, but it won’t fit every laundry nook. And, although it’s stackable, that may not be a possibility with the SideKick.

Additionally, that’s one of the things we really like about this (and all LG front loaders). This add-on mini-washing machine allows you to wash small loads or wash two totally separate loads at once. Now, that’s a serious time saver. Of course, you will pay for the add-on, but… you’ll want one once you realize what it can do. And, how it works.

Plus, there’s also the Smart ThinQ programming that allows you to control your washing machine through your phone. Options include: remote start, smart grid, download cycle, smart diagnosis, cycle set, laundry starts, smart message, and energy monitor.

Basically, this washing machine does everything well, but it’s not cheap.

Load access: Stackable front loader with tumble action

Color: Metallic

Display and controls: Electronic LCD on the door panel 

Wash cycles: 14: normal, permanent press, delicate, speed wash, TubClean, sanitary, Allergiene, heavy duty, BrightWhites, towels, rinse & spin, download, jumbo Wash, bedding – this is an absolutely fantastic range of cycles and we can’t imagine that you would need more. Many buyers will see the bedding cycle and not worry about the rest.

Number of water temperatures: Automatic Temperature control

Dispensers: 4: detergent, fabric softener, prewash, bleach – this is more than the average and a decent selection.

Maximum spin speed: 1300 rpm – this is one of the highest available speeds and the best on this list. You probably won’t need more than this.

Kilowatt hours (per year): 120 – given the great spin speed, we would have expected this machine to use less energy, but it’s not the worst. Perhaps future models will pull this closer to 100.

Dimensions: 29”W x 33.75”D x 41.25”H. It weighs 227.1 pounds – that’s heavy. Make sure you book someone to install this for you.  

Interior capacity: 5.2 cu. ft. – this is slightly better than average. Sure, it’s not the biggest, but it’s really rather generous.

Price: The MSRP for the washing machine itself is $1,800. If you add a SideKick at the MSRP, you’ll pay $2,530. That’s a shocker, we know. But, you should pay about $1,850 at the moment… yes, for both. And you’ll also receive limited warranties with that; we recommend bumping up your protection.

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