If you still love a top-loading machine, this 14 cycle, mega-capacity LG might just be for you.  It boasts a tub that allows for 5.2 cubic feet of space and it's shown here in a graphite steel colour.


This washer measures over 45" high, 27" wide and has a depth just shy of 29".  As it is a top loader, it is not stackable, nor is it likely that you'd want to invest in risers for it.  And, like most top loaders, it does have rear panel control.

With 14 different cycles, you might get a little most looking for the best one for you.  These include cotton/normal, bulky/bedding, permanent press/casual, speed wash, heavy-duty, BrightWhites, power cleanse, wool, towels, Allergiene, sports wear, sanitary, delicates and a tub clean.

This LG washing machine does have ENERGY STAR certification, but it's operating costs are not as efficient as the LG front-loder with the same capacity.  You can expect to pay between $10 and $16 annually to run this machine depending on the type of water heater that you have.  And, it also has a noise reduction option.  

If you're looking for Smart home appliances, this washing machine can be operated by your Smartphone (though it won't fold and pack your laundry for you, which is a bummer).  And there are warranties that come with this model.  You'll get a 1 year limited general warranty, 10 years limited on the motor and a lifetime limited on the drum.

What's holding this machine back?  There's no prewash function which can be critical if you've got small children that play outdoors.  Otherwie, if you can get this machine while it's on sale, you'll probably want to do just that (and get the corresponding dryer too).


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