This high-efficiency steam washing maching from LG features 14 cycles.  And, this front-loader's capacity is maxed with a 5.2 cubic foot tub.  If you can't stand spending time on the laundry, this is the washing machine that you want.


This certainly isn't the smallest machine you can get.  It measures just under 41" high, 29" wide and has a depth just over 32".  And that's before you add pedestal risers which are available.  But, if you're looking to make space in a narrow laundry room, this machine is stackable to save you those 29".

With 14 different wash cycles, this machine is hardly shy about its performance.  You can choose between cotton/normal, bulky/large, perm. press, delicates, hand wash/wool, speed wash, sanitary, heavy duty, BrightWhites, towels, Allergiene, tub clean, small load and a jumbo wash.

The large capacity of this machine (which is its biggest asset, by far) is matched by its operating costs.  For the bulky loads that this machine can handle, it's rather remarkable that you'll only spend between $10 and $14 annually to run this machine - based on the type of water heater that you have.  And, it is ENERGY STAR certified, which is always a plus.  

You can shove a king size comforter and all the sheets from your bed into this machine and still expect them to come out perfectly clean.  At the same time, the speed cycle will do a 15 minute wash and the Turbo Wash will cut tme off heavier cycles.  This washing machine comes with a 1 year limited warranty, but the motor is good to go for 10 years and the drum carries a lifetime warranty.  

Unfortunately, the allergen cycle is not NSF certified, but if no one in your home struggles with skin sensitivities then you shouldn't fret too much.  

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