If you thought the Jetson's robot maid was the future, well - you were wrong. The future is in all devices in your home talking to you - and with each other.

Imagine, for instance, it's a hot summer day and you are at the office. The temperature sensor in your master bedroom is rising (as it receives the western sun) and it shoots a message over to your cooling system. The cooling system checks and recognizes that no one is home, so it decides to shoot a message to the master bedroom drapes to close. It next sends a message to the master bedroom ceiling fan to start on low. It then sends a message to the original temperature sensor and instructs it to notify the cooling system if the temperature is not below 80 degrees 30 minutes before the first humans are scheduled to arrive home.


Sounds like science fiction? You may be surprised to know that all this technology exists today - and not just in a lab. As an example, consider the LG Homechat Appliance system, which is scheduled to be released later this year:

This system allows you to text your LG robot vacuum cleaner to get busy because the boss is coming over after work. You can text your refrigerator and get a list of available proteins you can use for the main course. Next, text your oven to preheat, and oh yea - text your dryer to make sure that comforter you put in last night is dry. No? Another text, and presto! The dryer is set up for another drying cycle.


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