The LG HBS-730 bluetooth headphones wrap around your neck to eliminate having loose wires getting in the way.

  • CD-quality over a Bluetooth connection
  • 10 hours of listening/15 hours of talk time
  • Text message reading through Bluetooth reader

These headphones can reproduce CD quality sound. And, the battery lasts 10 hours of listening and 15 hours of talk time.

What Reviewers Say:

  • These are the best bluetooth headset in my opinion. We have owned these for well over a year and they just work. You can associate up to 2 separate phones to them and make and recieve calls from them both. Good battery life and durable. I have had the Motorola 'around the head' bluetooth headset and several single-ear ... non of them compare to this headset. Excellent background noise cancelling and voice reproduction.
  • Awesome
  • I love these!! At first I had a generic brand (you get what you pay for) that would allow my music to play out loud on my phone when it was suppposed to be playing through the ear bud & I work in a Social Service office so that is unacceptable. Sound quality is great, you dont have to stay by the phone for a "better sound". All around great product & it is legit.

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