LG DLEX5000V Electric Dryer

Best Eco-Friendly Dryer

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Why people love it

  • So many features and functions 
  • Great, quiet dryer 
  • Love the steam function 

This dryer has plenty of features, including a steam fresh cycle. Additionally, the titled tub makes unloading easy. There’s also a smart app and the matching washing machine is brilliant. 

The app doesn’t work with every smartphone (including iPhones) and it’s rather pricey. 


You’re going to get a lot of machine with this dryer – you’re just not going to get a huge amount of space in the drum. It’s only 7.4 cu. ft. But there are 14 sensor dry programs, and terrific temperature and dryness level options.

Better still, this is an exceptional machine when it comes to energy efficiency. It’s more than ENERGY Star compliant; it’s got the best energy factor and lowest energy consumption on the list.

Looking for more reasons to fall in love with this dryer? There’s the angled door, the sleekly stylish appearance, the ultra-quiet operation, and the ThinkQ app integration. It’s also available in white if you want to save a few bucks.

So, why isn’t it our best dryer? Well, because it truly makes the most sense when paired with its matching washer - WM5000HVA (and perhaps the LG SideKick which necessitates risers for the dryer). When you start adding everything together, it can get pretty expensive. Sure, you can buy it on its own, but we think it’s much better as part of the duo and that makes it difficult to move to the top spot.

  • Dryer type: Electric dryer 
  • Color: Graphite steel 
  • Capacity: 7.4 cubic feet 
  • Display and controls: Electronic control panel Dual LED Display is integrated into the door for a distinct style, plus you will undoubtedly get the intuitive functionality you expect from any LG dryer. 
  • Programs: Sensor Dry programs include: Cotton/Normal, Perm. Press/Casual, Towels, Delicates, Heavy Duty, TurboSteam™, SteamSanitary™, Bedding, LowTemp Dry, Anti-Bacterial, Sports Wear, and Download/Super Dry Programs. Plus Manual Dry programs include Speed Dry and Air Dry .
  • Dryness levels: 5: Very Dry, More Dry, Normal Dry, Less Dry, Damp Dry 
  • Temperatures: 5: High, Medium High, Medium, Low, Ultra Low 
  • Drum material: Stainless steel 
  • Reversible door: Yes 
  • Includes drying rack: No 
  • Stackable: No 
  • ENERGY Star compliant: Yes 
  • DOE Energy Factor (lb/kWh): 3.94 lb/kWh 
  • Energy Consumption: 607 kWh/yr 
  • Dimensions: The dimensions are 27"W x 31.8”D x 38.7”H. And it weighs 149 pounds.  
  • Price: The MSRP is $1,500, but you should be able to find it for $150 less than that .
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