This LG microwave isn't the biggest model you can get with only 1.1 cubic feet of cooking space.  But, this counter top combination of microwave and baking oven offers a pizza drawer.  And, it's stainless steel, so it's a great fit for modern living.


If you're looking for a kitchen appliance to make bachelor living (or dorm life) a little easier, this could be the one. It's designed with convenience and frozen meals in mind. And, this counter top LG is fairly unique with it's pizza baking tray. This small baking tray is more powerful than the microwave as it works on 1400 watts. And, of course, you can put a lot more in it than just pizza. It's good for biscuits, cookies, grilled cheese sandwiches and more. If you're just baking something up for yourself, it's a lot more economical than using a large oven.

Besides the pizza, ahem baking tray, this microwave also features a built-in child lock. And that's something that every counter top model should strive for. For pre-set functions, this microwave has 4 reheat, 3 auto defrost, 2 quick touch cooking, 4 auto pizza and 4 bake settings. If only it were a bit larger on the microwave side. Then again, if you live off your frozen (or reheated) pizzas, this is easily the microwave you need.

The microwave operates with 1000 watts, but the baking tray reaches up to 1400 watts. It measures 15.5" high, 19.5" wide and 17.4" deep.

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